August 4–9, 2019

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Registration before July 26, 2019

Registration is from 1-4:00 pm on Sunday. There will be no lunch or dinner provided on Sunday.

You must be between the ages of 10 and 20 years old to apply as a camper. Workers must be at least 19.

The camper fee is $100. The price of a camp T-Shirt and $10 toward concession stand is included with camper registration. There is no fee for workers themselves to come to the camp, although some may apply if you want a camp T-shirt or are going to bring younger children with you.


Camp Connexion is a five day summer camp in New England for families and youth. Biblical preaching and teaching encourage attendees to develop personal relationships with God, while fun and engaging activities spark lasting connections with others. The camp is held in Brooks, Maine.


Connect with Jesus. Connect with others.


Camp Connexion is all about relationships. It is our desire that the whole body of Christ is joined and held together (Ephesians 6:14) through engaging events that promote personal relationship with God and Christian unity and cooperation among churches, families, and youth.


Rev. Israel Ochoa

Rev. Matthew Shaw

Aaron Reynolds

Amanda Reynolds

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Hosted at Fair Haven Camps on the West side. Look for the Camp Connexion sign at the top of the road.